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Learning Pack 4

To all the children in Key Stage 2,

You have worked so hard over the past 13 weeks, you have shared many pieces of maths, language, science and topic work with us and for that we say a very big THANK YOU. The Passion Projects you shared with us were amazing, they were very engaging and it was lovely to learn more about what you like. We are therefore setting another project, this time it is entitled LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN.

The restrictions we have experienced over the past few months are finally being altered or removed. Our daily lives are beginning to change, we are now able to do some things we had previously been unable to do.

Over the next few weeks, we would like you to prepare a project entitled Life after Lockdown.

You will use the Jigsaw to plan your project and it must include tasks linked to each of the areas.

The areas are listed below. There is also an example of a task linked each area. You do not have to do this task it is just an idea; you can think of your own activities.

Language and Literacy: A letter to a friend telling them all about what you plan to do over the next few weeks.

Maths and Numeracy: How many days, hours or minutes we have spent at home with our families?

Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Studies): Record information about the Coronavirus which can be used to teach children in the future about this time.

Expressive Arts (Drama, Music): Drawing of the first place you would like to visit.

Science and Technology: Design a poster or PowerPoint to explain what you will miss about being in lockdown, such as spending so much time with your family.

Health and Wellbeing: Create a time capsule to gather all your thoughts and feelings about living through the Coronavirus.