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Breakfast Club



What time will the session operate?

The Welsh Assembly Government has issued detailed guidance to schools covering the operation of the breakfast session. All schools will have the flexibility, these guidelines, to decide how they provide and run the free sessions. This guidance recommends that

• Breakfast provision should not normally begin earlier that 8am

• All children should register on arrival

• The breakfast session should finish at least 10 minutes prior to the start of school day

• No children should be admitted less than 10 minutes before the close of the breakfast session

Breakfast club at Newton is open 8:10-8:30am

Children are supervised until the school day starts by breakfast club staff.


What breakfast will my child(ren) receive?

The breakfast on offer must be healthy and nutritionally balanced. There are 4 food groups: Drinks or milk products; Cereals (not sugar coated); fruit; breads.

A typical breakfast could be:

• Cereal with milk and chopped fruit, a piece of toast and a drink or

• Toast, fruit juice and yoghurt.

Who will supervise the breakfast session?

All adults involved in the breakfast session rust be cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau before working with children. The staff will be employed by the Local Authority


Will I have to pay for the breakfast session?

No the breakfast and the supervision of your children during the breakfast session will be free.


How much notice do I need to give to vary the arrangements for my children to attend the breakfast session?

Ideally a term in advance, but a minimum of 1 week, obviously the more the better. If your child(ren) arrive to have a breakfast without prior notice they cannot be guaranteed to receive a free breakfast, although there will be discretion at the school to make some exceptions if there is food available.