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Class dojos are awarded throughout the school day. We gain dojos for using a wide range of different skills. These include helping others, caring for the environment, working together, recalling the multiplication tables, keeping our workspace and classroom tidy. Dojos are also awarded for good work inside and outside of the classroom.

They relate to listening carefully, giving a well explained answer, using language or maths skills in other areas of our learning, sharing exciting ideas, asking an interesting question, creating an amazing piece of artwork, achieving success in the sporting field, using Welsh around the school and so much more.


Green cards are awarded to the pupils who have achieved something new, produced an exceptional piece of work or given a superb answer. They are also awarded to those pupils who put others before themselves or displayed an aspect of the school’s Core Values, to mention just a few.

At the end of every school day, Miss Kenwood and Miss Benge award Super Crowns to the pupils who had the best day in school, it relates to the pupil’s attitude both inside and outside the classroom. The pupils then award a Super Crown to one of their peers and explains the reason why they awarded it.

At the end of the week, Stars of the Week are awarded to the pupil who has achieved their best. Dojo Champions are also mentioned and on a fortnightly basis a small award is given to the winner.