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Welcome to our page!

Here you will find out lots of information about our daily activities, what we have been learning and links to help us learn at home.





P.E/GAMES :Reception Every Tuesday

Nursery Every Wednesday 

Each session helps the children to develop their special awareness and follow instructions.  There are dancing sessions, cosmic kids yoga as well as obstacle courses.  During the colder months we have P.E in the main hall of the school and in the warmer months we use the yards and sports field.


Snack time

Your child may bring in a healthy snack every day to enjoy during fruit and milk time in the morning. 

Fruit is also available to buy from our tuck shop for 20p.

On Wednesdays the children are provided with toast which is 50p.

Number Fun

We make learning number fun in nursery!

Using lots of different activities and resources. Here are just a few examples...

The children have the opportunity to use:

  • The iPads, using apps like SPARK ART to help with number formation.
  • We use the Interactive TV Screen on websites like TOPMARKS.
  • Using paint/foam/water and sand to form or identify numbers/shapes.
  • Youtube for number songs and counting. 


Language and Literacy Fun

During our Language and Literacy sessions we have lots of different fun.

Here are some examples of what get up to...

  • Listening to lots of stories as well as writing our own
  • Mark making in paint/foam/rice/sand
  • Sound hunts
  • Read Write Inc
  • Role play, dressing up re-enacting stories






Every morning we take part in Read Write Inc

Information for Parents: What is Read Write Inc. Phonics?

If your child attends a Read Write Inc. school, watch this video to find out why children love learning to read, write and spell using Read Write Inc. Phonics, how Read Write Inc. Phonics works in school, and how parents can help at home.



Every morning the children start the day with saying 'Bore da' to their friends and the staff and giving them a big smile and wave. 

The children answer the register to Mrs O'Brien saying 'Uma' and choosing if they have 'Cino' or 'Brechdanau' for lunch. 

It doesn't stop there!!

The children are then quizzed about the weather and they can even answer in Welsh!

They really are amazing!

Each day two Helpwr Heddiwr are chosen to listen out for any welsh spoken by others and to assist the teachers with lots of busy tasks.


During their time in class the children will :

Listen to Welsh stories

Count to 10 in Welsh

Recognise and name the colours in Welsh

Talk about their feelings in Welsh



Every day we like to celebrate all the good things and achievements in our class.

Star of the day

We have a star of the day at the end of every day.

Where a specific child is awarded a sticker and a certificate to take home for their amazing actions that day.


Class Dojo

Throughout the day we can earn Class Dojo points for lots of different actions such as; good sitting, good listening, working hard, being kind and helpful.  The child with the most Dojo points at the end of the week is then awarded Dojo Champion in our whole school assembly. The Class dojo awards system is linked to parents/carers and you get notified of your child's awards and photographs are updated of their daily activities.



High Five Points

This school year we have introduced High Five Points. The children worked alongside the staff to create the High Five system.  They decided what they needed to do to get the a point for their chart.


The children then gain points and stickers throughout the day for their kind hands, being helpful, sharing, having good manners and being caring towards others. The children will then get a treat termly relating to their collection of points.



Additional Info

*Please encourage your child to place their tuck in the tuck tray in the morning.  



*Label all items of clothing including shoes and coats.  


*Tedi Newton and Bach be visiting different families each weekend.  Please complete the diary ideally with photographs.